Microsoft offering Xbox Live Gold refunds

Microsoft announced yesterday several changes to its Xbox Live Gold policy including the news that Apps such as Netflix will no longer reside behind the Xbox Live Gold pay-wall and thus will be available to all Live members. This is certainly a step in the right direction and more in line with what Sony are offering with its Playstation consoles. What’s more, Microsoft will be offering refunds to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription who no longer requires it as a result.

According to the official faqs, once a system update is rolled out in June those gamers who paid for a Gold Subscription before then will be able to cancel and receive a refund on the remaining  days or months left. Gamers will have until August 31st to make the cancellation to be able to receive the refund. It’s not clear whether the refund will be returned as credit on the payment method used or Xbox Live credits. To enquire about the refund, Microsoft suggests contacting the support teams after the June update has rolled out.



Written by: Robert Cram

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  • Nettrick Nowan

    Can I send my Kinect back too? It’s never been connected or used. I only wanted the console when I purchased late last year–when you told me I’d never be able to buy the console only, remember?

    So, $100 refund, right? Will you send a prepaid postage box?

    • Dangerousjo 1985

      Huh no!!

    • DLConspiracy//

      That’s not how it works. On the box it shows what you were buying its not a mystery box that you can decide to return stuff. You can be happy that you have been able to play early unlike some kids.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      I am a Microsoft employee and we don’t give we take so no we will not be returning your money. Just kidding about being a Microsoft employee. Not kidding about not giving you your money back. Sorry. 🙂

    • Da GeeZ

      Trade in?
      Wouldn’t this mean we’ll be able to trade in the Kinect2 now?!
      I mean if there’s gonna be consoles out there with no Kinect, surely Gamestop/EB will be giving money for a trade in?
      Cool, I’ll trade mine in against a game(Sunset Overdrive/UFC 2014)
      : )

    • Izzy Bozz

      No, but you could try selling it to someone who buys the standalone edition. You’d probably have to sell under $50 bucks though.

  • Dennis Crosby

    If you bought any Xbox(one,360) just to use the apps those same apps a playstation, Roku box, smart tvs all offered you are a dumb ass its no other way to say it. You spend roughly $60 a year just to use apps and complain about is laughable. You buy an Xbox to play games online the apps are extra

    • Dangerousjo 1985

      Huh ? Xb1,and x360 both have a lot of games to play while they use their apps.. And most ppl still believe xb1 has more better game then ps4..

      • Dennis Crosby

        No what I’m saying is people want refund for xbl because the bought it just to use the app is stupid its tons of device that offer those same apps with out the paywall

        • Dangerousjo 1985

          Oh OK I understand.. Sorry, well yeah that would be stupied if some ppl bought a console just to use apps..

  • Lacarious

    m$ and the never ending damage control since e3 of last year.

    • Izzy Bozz

      You know what else has been going on a lot since e3 of last year? ps fanboys trolling xbox articles.

      • Lacarious

        poor izzy… still butt hurt about xb1…. don’t worry… 2015 will show you the ps4 light.

  • Da GeeZ

    Does this mean we can trade in the Kinect2 at Gamestop/EB/etc ???
    I wonder when they will be doing this : )

  • PachterStation

    Gaming today, 90% of it is about console updates, game updates, DLC, delays, apps, Kinect, Xbox Live, PSN and 720p versus 1080p. It’s no wonder there’s a lack of AAA games these days. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are too busy sorting out the above.