Winter Ember Gameplay – New Demo Feb 2022 (Stealth Action)

We take a look at the new Winter Ember demo from developer Skymachine Studios. The game will release later in 2022. It still needs some work to tighten-up the game a little more, but offers a nice taste of the stealth/action gameplay. There is quite a lengthy intro movie to set the tone, so if you want to skip that, then fast-forward to around the 7 minute mark. Winter Ember is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and GOG! We are playing the PC version running max settings and in 4K.

Winter Ember is an immersive stealth action game that casts you into the role of Arthur Artorias, the faceless man. Step into the shadows and uncover a mysterious plot that saw your family torn from the history books. On the first night of winter, you unsheath your blade and seek vengeance.

Set in a Victorian-esque world, Winter Ember follows the story of Arthur Artorias, a faceless man in pursuit of answers and revenge. Returning after a near-decade of exile to the city of Anargal, where he was stripped of his family, fortune, and past, Artorias clashes with Greater Heaven, a tyrannical religious militant faction that has seized control of the town in his absence. To survive his homecoming, Artorias must rely on his wits and use the darkness to his advantage.

Infiltrate and explore vast Gothic sandboxes brimming with treasure and mysteries to uncover. Move quickly and quietly through the shadows while surveilling the environment, and peering around corners and through keyholes in search of lurking enemies and hidden passageways. In Winter Ember, there are multiple paths forward and solutions to every problem. Stalkers are rewarded for studying their surroundings and identifying less obvious modes of entry or egress.

Even when backed into a corner and seemingly forced to use a weapon, Artorias can evade combat by crafting one of more than 30 specialty arrows to escape the situation. Water missiles, for example, can douse flames and create dark new hiding spots in which to disappear.


A True Stealth Experience – You must stick to the shadows, infiltrate homes and explore hidden passageways; but, be careful not to be spotted

Deep Arrow Crafting System – Prepare for your mission by planning your loadout. With over 30 arrows to craft, experimentation is key to your success!

Skill Tree – Customize your playstyle from 3 distinct skill trees – stealth, combat, and utility.

Explore A Dark World – Return home to the cold Victorian town of Anargal, on the verge of technological breakthrough.

Written by: Rob Cram

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