THQ Nordic

Darksiders Genesis – Console Launch Trailer

Darksiders Genesis releases on console from Feb 14th. Take a look at the console launch trailer. Darksiders Genesis is out tomorrow on consoles! Featuring the long-awaited debut of the fourth horseman Strife and co-op mode, Darksiders Genesis is the first Darksiders action adventure played from the top-down perspective. Solo players

Rebel Cops – Announcement Trailer

THQ Nordic/Weappy just announced a This is the Police spin-off game entitled, Rebel Cops set in the same universe. The game comes to consoles and PC including Switch on September 17th 2019. In Rebel Cops, you control a squad of ex-police officers united by a desire to take down their

Darksiders Genesis – Introducing War

THQ Nordic introduce a playable War character in their upcoming Darksiders Genesis game. Take a look at the trailer ahead of the game’s release on consoles and PC later this year. In Darksiders Genesis you can choose to play either War or his brother Strife, and head into combat side