Shocking big budget vs low budget videogame comparison

We’ve recently been playing a number of driving related videogames, namely Forza Horizon, WRC 3 and more recently Crash Time 5, and interestingly all three fit snugly into well defined tiers of how much budget has been lavished upon them. Obviously Forza Horizon sits at the top, with WRC 3 in the middle, and Crash Time 5 way at the bottom. We’ve posted a big budget vs low budget videogame comparison video to highlight the differences.

Crash Time 5 is an unusual game to publish outside of its European home where fans of the TV show can relate to the antics of the undercover cop stars. However, anyone else isn’t likely to see any merits. Somehow, this latest game in a long line of other games in the series has been born despite having an incredibly low budget for a 2012 release.  Aside from speculation about the size of the budget for Crash Time 5, what’s probably more interesting is how the best and worst fair side by side. On one hand Forza Horizon’s flashy visuals have been well tweaked, Crash Time 5’s simply exist in a functional state. This is a shocking big budget vs low budget videogame comparison video especially considering both games released on the same hardware in the same launch period this year. Let’s hope differences like this don’t become more apparent next generation where production/development costs are expected to skyrocket.


Written by: Rob Cram

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