PT Demo How to get the full ending (Silent Hills)

There’s been much speculation as to how to get the full ending in the PT demo on PS4 and although nothing is set in stone, based on our own experiences having spent hours trying all sorts of things and following other players advice, one missing element that seems to have an impact is having a mic plugged in to the DS4 controller and it working. Everything else in the demo seems a bit random where some people have completed the demo without finding all the pieces of the photo for example, or being possessed by the ghost. But, there are a few steps that need to be taken as follows bearing in mind this isn’t a fool proof method. Take a look at our PT demo video to see the results in action.



1. Wait for the Midnight Chimes..
2. Walk 10 paces to trigger the first Baby giggle.
3. Hunt for the ghost by following the creepy sounds.
4. When you see the ghost Lisa in the corridor not outside, or in the mirror, stop and don’t move,talk to her on using the ┬áMIC making sure you speak loudly enough – She will then vanish.

5.Walk until you hear a second baby giggle and then don’t move. Or you can trigger the baby laugh by looking at phone , radio or mirror depending on sounds.

6. Your controller will start to vibrate. Don’t move and just wait until it ends.
7. You should then hear a third  baby giggle and then immediately the phone rings.
8. Go to phone and zoom in with R3 and a voice will inform that you are chosen.
9. Walk to the exit door down the stairs.

10. Ending sequence, demo complete.


Alternatively it has been suggested to trigger the second baby laugh to hunt for the source of Lisa the Ghost’s sounds. Which relate to the Radio, Phone and Mirror. You can search at these locations depending on what sounds you hear when the creepy sound effects begin. Static – radio, Heavy Breathing – Phone and woman crying – mirror.

Written by: Rob Cram

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