Gears of War Judgment COG Tags Guide

Take a look at our Gears of War Judgment COG Tags Guide which offers help finding the locations of the COG tags without screens or videos to spoil things for you. Get cracking soldiers.


ACT I – Museum of Military Glory

1 – Old Town

As you come to the chapter’s end, don’t exit through the door just yet, directly opposite is a building with the Crimson Omen logo, the cog tag is just to the right.

2. Riverwalk District

You’ll push upwards fending off Locust as you go and will reach this courtyard, where even more start flooding in. Immediately head to the far left to find the COG Tag tucked away in the corner.

3 – Museum Gardens

After chainsawing your way through the door, once outside take note of the steps ahead, with the Omen on the wall. Follow the path down to find the tags around the corner.

4 – Great Hall

As the countdown starts before the enemy wave enters, take note of the large statue in the centre of the room. Climb over into the water to find the COG Tag.

5 – Kashkur Wing

After kicking open this door you’ll be taking fire from a mounted turret up ahead. The COG Tags are straight ahead beneath this turret.

6 – East Wing

The COG tags are in a small room just down the stairs to the right. The room is beside the door you exit through after eliminating all enemies. Grab them immediately or later.

7 – Archives

After meeting a serapede in the previous room, you’ll enter this room to find a bloodied soldier right in front of you. The COG tag is in a small room, to the right of a crimson loge, on the left wall.

8 – Vaults

There’s a huge brightly lit hole on the right side. Take notice of the Crimson Omen on the wall, and the COG Tag is nearby the hole.



ACT II – Halvo Bay Military Academy

1 – Enfield Bridge

Along the bridge behind the centre area with the turret, it’s tucked away to the left.

2 – Courtyard

After the Rager busts open the door – head inside, the COG tag is in a small room to the left.

3 – R&D Labs

As you enter and do battle in this first room; Locust will burst through the windows to the right – the COG tag is at the back of this room.

4 – Monroe Commons

After defending your friend – head into the room marked “24”. The COG tag is behind the long desk at the back.

5 – Atrium

In the first room with the big statue – the COG tag is another smaller room in the back right.

6 – Crash Site

This starting area must be defended. The COG tag is just up the steps by the door you ended the previous mission on.


ACT III – Seahorse Hills

1 – Ambador Park

Shortly after the start area with the Declassify objective you’ll chainsaw through a gate and end up in front of this mansion. The COG tag is up ahead on the left side, just up some small steps.

2.Magadha Villa

After some firefights you’ll exit onto the street, take notice of the crashed Raven and your Squad waiting at the door to exit. Charge on past the exit to the end of the road to find the COG Tag behind the left pillar.

3 – Soleno Villa

Once you’ve cleared the initial areas of enemies you’ll be back out on the street, don’t go right just yet, instead head towards the the car pile-up – the COG tag is to the right of the cars.

4 – Windward Way

After pushing through the fences the Locust will bust down the big gate – straight ahead is the Crimson Omen logo on the wall besides a blue container. Pass through the container to find the COG tag on the other side.

5 – Risea Estate

After eliminating the the Locust mortars and and co., head towards the left side of the mansion, past your Squad who are waiting to exit the mission, and head down the ramp in the garage to find the COG Tag.

6 – Guest Bungalows

Locust Mortar’s are on the rooftop of a building containing the collectible. It’s the building just to the right of the mission exit gate. Head inside to find the COG tag at the back right near the grenades.

7 – Elliott’s Mansion

Whilst defending your friend the Locust waves keep on coming – from the bottom floor spot the Crimson Omen logo on a pillar – the COG tag is directly above this – take the stairs up.


ACT IV – Onyx Point

1 – Fortress

On the beach landing encounter, make your way up top, spotting a Crimson Omen logo on one of the walls to the right; enter the bunker to the right for the cog tag.

2 – Container Terminal

Recommend to avoid Declassify objective as it limits time.

As you get the Silverback and kill all enemies, Kilo Squad will push forward towards the exit door. Head forwards towards the open gate, and take the steps on the right, following the blood-trail to the COG tags.

3 – Motor Pool

From mission start – you’ll make your way up a small hill, notice the Omen on the wall, the COG tag is just behind this wall.

4 – The Cliffs

At mission start – from the garage head outside and immediately up the steps to the left is the COG tag.

5 – Central Base

At mission start you will need to hop down a small ledge, the Cog tag is in the room to the right, just below the small steps.

6 – Central Control

At mission start – head up the small steps straight ahead, then take a right and head all the way down to find the cog tag.

7 – Breach

At mission start – head into the room with flames and the crimson omen on the right wall. The Cog tag is just to the left as you go up the steps into the room.

ACT V – Downtown Halvo Bay

1 – Wharf District

At mission start – after heading up stairs and kicking open the gate, notice the omen on the wall to the left. The cog tag is just to the left.

2 – Parade Grounds

At mission start – kick open the door to enter the street with VICTORY signs – immediately spot the omen logo to your left, head up the steps nearby and the tag is around the right side.

3 – Upper State Street

After you ambush the Locust you will have to go up this ramp to continue. Take notice of the omen logo – the COG tag is is a bit back behind this.

4 – State Street Rooftops

After exiting the building onto the rooftops, continue on eliminating all enemies as you go, and you will come to a point where there’s a large whole in a rooftop, the COG Tag is up above this, follow the ramp around to get it – a Reaver should also be in-sight.

5 – First Avenue Rooftops

At mission start – immediately turn left to see the omen logo, the cog tag is just off to the right.

6 – Museum Square Rooftops

If you’re replaying the game collectible hunting, then this COG Tag can also be picked up immediately in the next chapter. It’s below from the raised platform where you’re to set up a defence, the Crimson Omen can be seen on the lower left wall around the side – the COG Tag is nearby.

7 – Overlook

During the incoming Horde, the Locust bust open the doors directly opposite the previous collectible. After taking out the first wave of enemies, a second wave of Locust will emerge. The doors should be open, rush in and grab the COG tags before killing all enemies; the level immediately ends as soon as all Locust have been killed.


ACT VI – The Courthouse


1 – Grand Courtroom

From mission starting position – there is a raised stair platform to your left, run past this and up to the second platform for the COG tag,

2 – Halls of Judgment

After spotting the Raven outside you’ll come to a Declassify objective, depending on whether you take the challenge or not, the next room will be filled with enemies, and may also be filled with smoke. About half way in and to the left, there is balcony outside which has the COG tag – it’s immediately to the left outside.

3 – Terrace

Spiral staircase

Continue – corner

Make your way down the spiral staircase and outside, killing all enemies, and continue across near to the exit door, the COG Tag is in the far right corner.

4 – North Entrance

From mission start on the balcony – look across to the stairs of balcony opposite to spot the logo, the COG tag is just above this next to a turret.

5 – Main Entrance

After kicking open the door, make your way down stairs and head into the room on the right side, the COG tag is just in corner.

6 – Great Staircase

Recommend – Avoid Declassify objective – time restricted.

At mission end – do not board the Raven, instead run past it to find the cog tag up the stairs to the left.

7 – Plaza for the Tyran Dead

During the boss fight look out for the Crimson Omen on the outside wall, the COG tag is close by for collecting.


Bonus – Aftermath

1 – Reunion

After the mortars drop and you exit the shopping centre the COG tag is just below your position behind a pillar, make your way down and grab it.

2 – Anybody Home?

From mission start – take a left and head past the cars and into the opened garage door on the left. Notice the logo on the wall, the cog tag is back here next to some corpses.

3 – Dead End
As you make your way upstairs and remove the gas masks, there’s a big door that needs to be opened. Leave that for a moment and kick open the door to the left; head in the sleeping area to the right, the cog tag is in the back left corner.

4 – One Step Closer

Whilst avoiding constant One Shot fire, weaving from building to building, you cross the path of fire to enter the building opposite and must cut through to continue. As you enter, take notice of the Crimson Omen on the far wall, it indicates there’s a COG tag below; head down stairs to find it by some washing machines.

5 – Straight to the Top

After going up the long staircase you’ll come to a point where you need to drop down a hole in the ground to continue. Once at the bottom – another staircase is to the left, ignore for now and head straight on and through the office room; the cog tag is just outside the room to the right of the desk, through the window.

6 – A Few Complaints

You will be tasked with securing the kitchen area; once you kick the door open immediately head left and into the small room. The tag is on the floor next to a corpse.

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    One step closer after you set the charges how d you get outside or out of the room? How can I find d out?

    • If I remember correctly; you should get attacked from outside the front window and have to defend the building – that’s after setting all the charges, there’s several to set in all corners of the room, pretty sure they’re marked on the HUD. Afterwards, it should be a matter of defending the building from a Locust attack, and pretty sure it just continues from their.

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