505 Games

Miasma Chronicles – Launch Trailer

Available on consoles and PC comes the rather unusual action game, Miasma Chronicles from developer, The Bearded Ladies and 505 Games. Join Elvis and Diggs on an unforgettable journey across a ‘New-America’, torn apart by a savage force known only as the Miasma. From the team that bought you Mutant

Crime Boss: Rockay City Announcement Trailer

A new first person shooter from 505 Games, Epic Games and InGame Studios comes the 90s themed crime thriller, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The game releases on March 28th 2023 and features an iconic star-studded cast including rapper Vannila Ice! Crime Boss: Rockay City centres around Travis Baker (Michael Madsen’s) attempt

Serial Cleaners Gameplay – Opening PC 4K

A quick look at the quirky game from 505 Games/Draw Distance, Serial Cleaners where you play as a clean-up crew who have to get people out of trouble from the cops in the late nineties. Serial Cleaners is a top-down stealth-action game, where you get to experience being a murder