Overwatch Review

Anyone who was a part of the last console generation might remember the “war” between Infamous and Prototype (or inFamous and [PROTOTYPE] if you’re a stickler for stylized capitalization and pointless punctuation) as both games launched around the same time and were both superpower-fueled sandbox extravaganzas. As I begin to

Battleborn Review

This is common knowledge, but prior to the release of a game or movie, and especially in the months and weeks leading up to its premier or launch, marketing teams start to really amp up campaigns to make their target demographics aware of the impending release of their product. Despite

SUPERHOT Review Xbox One

Although I’m somewhat prone to hyperbole, I am not exaggerating when I say that coming up with a description for SUPERHOT is one of the harder tasks I’ve undertaken as a writer. It’s definitely a first person shooter of some description, but I almost want to call it a puzzle

D/Generation HD Review

As far as Wikipedia is concerned, D/Generation is an action adventure game with puzzle elements. I suppose that’s mostly true, although after playing through the game I think it’d be more apt to call it an adventure puzzle game with action elements, but hey, who’s nit-picking? Well, I suppose I

Rebel Galaxy Review

I would be willing to bet that most of you reading this, those who have delved into video games as a medium, have enjoyed a sci-fi story or two in your lifetime, even if it isn’t your favorite genre of fiction. It might be Firefly, Star Trek, or even Star

Valhalla Hills Review

There are a good number of genres I feel comfortable reviewing: shooters, RPGs, platformers, action…but I wouldn’t count strategy among them. My experience in strategy games (aside from XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics) is that of an enthusiast at best. So, it was with the perspective of a novice that

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Review

Talk about a busy name. I went into this review completely blind, knowing nothing of tides of vermin, Warhammer, and only having a biblical account of the end times. Having played a good bit of the game now, I can comfortably declare that if the actual end times have as