Xbox Series X/S Launches, but you can’t buy one

Microsoft are proud to present their next-gen systems with the official launch of the Xbox Series X and the stripped down Xbox Series S. Congratulations to those who pre-ordered and have one today. However, the launch is marred by the fact in the UK at least you can’t buy one from anywhere. Making matters worse is the official website shows official partners where an Amazon listing lists an inflated price of £799. That’s some £350 more than the £449 RRP. Prepare for ebay scalpers to take charge here.

Never mind though, the same will be for the PS5 as this is what happens with most console launches. There is simply never enough supply to suit the demand. So here’s a nice launch video showing the Xbox branding on London’s St Pauls. You’ll just have to keep an eye on stock checking websites to see if you’ll snag one over the coming weeks and months.

Written by: News Bot

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