Wolfenstein The Old Blood Gameplay 60 FPS Ultra Settings

Wolfenstein The Old Blood launched yesterday and so we put the opening chapter through its paces on the hard difficulty setting. The level can be tackled using stealth, so that’s how we approached it with much success against hulking robotic dogs and tooled up Nazis. The game’s performance using an R9 290x is rather hit and miss with it mostly staying within the 60 frames per second region using the default Ultra settings. However, there are moments where it dips. Generally the game plays smooth but suffers from some horrendous screen tearing when the vsync is turned off. Either way, the performance fares much better than its predecessor at launch. Take a look at our Wolfenstein The Old Blood gameplay video to get the full picture.

For reference, we’re using an AMD R9 290X GPU, i5 3570K CPU 16 GB Ram PC.

Written by: Rob Cram

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