Watch Dogs – Did Aiden Pierce get a new face? Comparison images

Ubisoft revealed a new story trailer for their forthcoming Watchdogs, which showcases a gripping looking tech heavy espionage thriller set within our modern times. However, the more observant of you will have noticed that lead protagonist Aiden Pierce has had a subtle face change since his d├ębut at E3 and subsequent gameplay clips. Take a look at the images below and see the minor changes with the character. Is there a preference, does the older version look better, or is the new look more fitting?

After a lengthy delay (the game originally was going to release in November 2013), it appears Ubisoft has gone back to the drawing board with the game’s visual elements, which should hopefully mean a smooth running game as possible whether that be on last gen systems, Xbox One, PS4 or PC. Either way, May 27th can’t come sooner enough as the game looks fantastic regardless of any differences.


wd aiden new5 wd aiden new6


Dwd aiden old 2 wd aiden old 3



Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. Koczk March 7, 2014 |

    This is only speculation. But my suspicion is that Ubisoft has already tied down movie rights and contracted a lead actor for the film. This moves the look closer to whoever that will be. But that’s just my conspiracy theory.

  2. kevin March 8, 2014 |

    New Aiden looks like he’s been hanging out with Gabe Newell. lol

  3. Andre R March 8, 2014 |

    the new face doesnt fit in in his role. he look to nice. the old picture is so much better. it looks there that he could be a bad ass guy more dangerous..

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