Warning: Rainbow Six Siege Terrorist Hunt Mode Not Available Offline

The headline says it all, whilst we’ve known for quite some time that Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t provide a wealth of single player content like previous games in the series, it has to be said the options for offline play are severely limited – more than we expected actually.

Offline players are able to create local multiplayer games (on PC) but surprisingly cannot delve in to the Terrorist Hunt mode either playing solo Lone Wolf or with others which seems like an odd decision as this is effectively the player versus AI. What is available is the choice of playing through the Situations training modes which if you look at the video below can be bested in under 90 minutes. There’s options for players to replay these missions by upping the difficulty and attempting to get all of the challenge extras (three per mission) but there’s no option to replay these with the operator of choice which leaves the Terrorist Hunt mode for that. As mentioned if you’re offline though then you’re out of luck here and can’t access Terrorist Hunt at all. It’s going to be really hard to recommend Rainbow Six Siege to anyone who doesn’t have a constant Internet connection or if it’s unstable then you could be locked out. Whilst this isn’t the first or last game to require online connections it’s worth being aware of all the same.

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. jakdripr December 1, 2015 |

    I’ve never understood the lgoic behind making a PVE mode require an online connection. It doesn’t bother me too much personally, but considering the negative backlash games get consistently for it, I just don’t see why developers keep doing it.

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