Titanfall killstreak gameplay video – COD meets Crysis meets MechWarrior

The Beta for EA’s highly touted Xbox and PC exclusive Titanfall is in full swing and to mark the occasion we’ve posted a gameplay video from one of our early matches on Xbox One as gamers get to grips with how things work. The game seems to be an amalgamation of several titles and it’s clear where its influences are. The general navigation when playing as a pilot feels uncannily like Mirror’s Edge, the shooting mechanics are fast paced in a similar vein to Call of Duty of Battlefield, the cloaking and sci-fi setting reminds us of Crysis 2 in particular and the Titan gameplay is reminiscent of the old MechWarrior games, albeit somewhat faster paced. Putting all of these styles into one game works well enough, but it’s questionable whether it matches the easy access of Call of Duty. From our playtime, yes, the game is easy to pick up and play, but the lack of real world characters and setting might prove to be the game’s downfall in terms of overall appeal as there’s a lack of connection with the characters and world. Hopefully, some more back story and depth is afforded to the main game when it releases next month.

It also has to be said, that in terms of graphics the game looks pretty decent, although is somewhat rough around the edges in terms of low quality textures on surfaces. That said, the gameplay and pacing is silky smooth which we’d hazard is a constant 60 frames per second at all times. Take a look at our Titanfall killstreak gameplay┬ávideo showing off the team deathmatch mode.


Beta Code provided by Xbox.



Written by: Rob Cram

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