This War Of Mine: The Little Ones Coming to Xbox One and PS4

11 bit studios has announced that it will be bringing its This War of Mine to the Xbox One and PS4 on January 29th 2016 with the aptly named This War Of Mine: The Little Ones. The game will feature all of the additional content added to the PC version and will be the most complete version to date.

About This War Of Mine: The Little Ones:

A harrowing tale of true survival set amongst the desolation of a besieged city, the critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning This War Of Mine dared to push players outside of their comfort zone, whilst redefining an entire genre. Now, get ready for This War Of Mine: The Little Ones; the definitive edition of the globally praised phenomenon, set to once again challenge and inspire a gaming generation.

This War Of Mine: The Little Ones promises an unflinching portrayal of wartime survival viewed not through the eyes of an elite soldier, but from the unique perspective of a child. The introduction of children to the lauded mix of survival-strategy gameplay forms the basis for a wealth of new strategic action and emotional narrative content.

With a lack of food, limited or no medical supplies, and under the constant threat of danger from the world around, players will need to make life-or-death decisions just to make it through another day. In This War Of Mine: The Little Ones the reality of enduring war is contrasted with protecting and nurturing the innocence of youth.

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