Thief Simulator Gameplay – Neat Thieving Stealth Game

Since Garrett has the old-school thieving mastered and sewn up, in the modern age who do we have to turn to? Sure, many open world games allow players to sneak and grab stuff from peoples homes, but not many offer a dedicated game to the dirty world of theft. Cue, Thief Simulator from PlayWay SA. This game has players sneaking around a neighbourhood as a regular character who loves to pinch things from the unsuspecting. Whilst it might have some rough edges, the core game is actually very fun to play. Take a look at our Thief Simulator gameplay and impressions. It’s a hidden gem so to speak and with the developers open to adding more features and content one to keep your eyes on if you like stealth games.

Thief Simulator released on November 9th 2018 via Steam. Take a look at the Steam store page for more details.

Written by: Robert Cram

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