Thief PC native 1080p versus Xbox One upscaled 1080p – can you spot the differences?

Thief launched earlier this week on last gen systems, Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms amidst some mixed reviews and analysis. Looking at the game and it seems the main issues with regards to the Xbox One version in particular are some less than impressive frame rates which cause stutter when moving. However when comparing the Xbox One version to the PC, ¬†aside from the obvious differences between native and upscaled, the graphical differences aren’t so obvious with the Xbox One version holding up well in comparison despite some lower resolution textures and slightly different brightness/contrast levels by default. Take a look at the video which shows off the PC version next to the Xbox One version running in sequence using the same scenes. Can you spot the differences? Please be aware that the overall quality is diminished due to Youtube compression but does give the general idea as both versions take the hit.

Written by: Robert Cram

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