The Works of Mercy Gameplay – To Kill Prostitutes Or Not?

Polish developer Pentacle released The Works of Mercy after some time in development. The game is available now for under a tenner on Steam or GOG. Take a look at two The Works of Mercy gameplay videos which present different approaches to the same situations. We recommended you watch the first 10 minutes of each video and then play the rest first-hand.

The Works of Mercy is a first person dark narrative driven psychological thriller. Your character is under duress inside their home. Guided by an insane voice via the telephone your character is forced to make some horrific choices or lose everything. Your character is given choices with two pathways, be a killer or an innocent caught up in a deadly game. However, there is more under the surface and if you annoy your tormentor there are dire consequences. The Works of Mercy can be pretty gruesome, and tugs on your moral compass. It has been expertly designed, looks great and whilst short, offers some intense gameplay. Check it out.

Written by: Robert Cram

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