The Town Of Light 30s trailer, is an indie developer based in Florence, Italy who has announced today their first game The Town Of Light which is a first person psychological thriller set within the spooky confines of psychiatric asylum. Players assume the role of character Renee who returns to the asylum to discover the truths of what happened before it was shut down in the late 70s. The Town of Light has been developed with the Unity game engine for PC, Mac, Linux and will release this Fall 2015. Take a look at the 30 second trailer to get a taste of what to expect.

Key Features:

Inspired by true stories that happened in one of the biggest asylum in Europe

Over 7000 square meters of the real Volterra asylum carefully recreated

Extensive research of real clinical documents with interviews to both doctors and patients

Nonlinear gameplay experience will allow different evolution of the main story

Native support for Oculus Rift

Best Story and Storytelling award at Paris Game Connection 2014

Geekie Awards Los Angeles 2014 finalist

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