The Ascent Gameplay 4K – Reviews 78% Mostly Positive (Steam)

Swedish developer, Neon Giant released their twin-stick shooter The Ascent last week, and so far the reception has been pretty good for this cyberpunk themed new IP. Published by Curve Digital, The Ascent came in as a day one Xbox Game Pass game for Xbox consoles and PC. It also released via Steam. The game offers some 15-20 hours or more gameplay, and is playable as a solo or co-op experience. The game pass deal is pretty ideal for those on a budget, but the game itself comes in at less than £25 which we think is a steal all things considered. If we look at the reviews on Steam, the game has a mostly positive rating with 78% of 3654 reviews leaning towards a favourable experience (that’s 2850 positive reviews). The average pro review median is just over 7/10 with user reviews following suit, albeit slightly higher (looking at metacritic ratings). We think The Ascent deserves a sequel and hopefully Neon Giant can expand the universe more and add additional gameplay features. In the meantime, if you’re on the fence, then take a look at some gameplay videos from the PC version running max settings and 4K with Ray Tracing enabled. DLSS set to Ultra Quality pre-set (RTX 3090).

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