Taxi Journey new details and artworks

Lexis Numérique has today released some new artworks and details about its forthcoming Taxi Journey video game which is heading to the Wii U, XBLA, PSN, PSVita, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux and is currently requiring support via Kickstarter.

About Taxi Journey:

Announced in July 2013, the Kickstarter campaign for Taxi Journey has begun with a huge fanfare. In less than 2 months, Taxi Journey, an original puzzle/adventure game set in a universe that combines charm, humour and mystery, has gained more than 17,000 Facebook fans!  Taxi Journey takes inspiration from games such as Limbo and Machinarium with influences from film directors such as Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki, combined with a unique universe and original gameplay features.

Gino, a taxi driver, is a man of few words…and he is broke. He can only afford a car with no engine or passenger seat. Therefore, he carries his customers on his back and pedals his car.

As a result of an encounter with Zoe, a mysterious young girl, he ends up journeying to strange, faraway lands; together, they’ll face unique situations and meet amazing characters. Some are friendly, while others hide an evil seed inside… They could be in the villages you’ll pass by, in the overcrowded towns that you’ll visit, and even in the deserts you will cross – there will be some encounters you will never forget…

Written by: Rob Cram

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