Takedown Red Sabre patch 1 details

Serellan/505 Games has today announced that it will be addressing some of the issues gamers have had with its problematic tactical shooter with details of its Takedown Red Sabre patch 1. Whilst the patch does not address any of the issues with the gameplay, at least, this is a move towards fixing some of the other problems gamers have had with the game since it launched last week. Take a look at the notes for more details:

takedown red sabre 2

Takedown Red Sabre patch 1 details:

We are working on an initial Patch to address the following issues that will be available shortly:
Connectivity and server status issues

In addition, here is a workaround for the misleading ‘Your connection to the host has been lost” error message from Single player games:

Also, for convenience – Here are the steps to accessing your pre-order content

1. Main Menu > Help & Options / Codes
2. Type code, Click submit.
3.  Press ESC to back up to Main Menu
4.  Choose Play > Single Player
5.  Choose GAME MODE > Tango Hunt > MAP > Killhouse

If you preordered the game, a .txt file containing your Killhouse Unlock code is located in your steam directory.

64 bit systems – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Takedown Red Sabre\Pre-Order Killhouse Unlock Code.txt

32 Bit systems – C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Takedown Red Sabre\Pre-Order Killhouse Unlock Code.txt

While we continue to resolve the outstanding issues please refer to the following links for more details as potential work-arounds:


This is our first step addressing the issues that some players are finding with the game. We locked down these issues because they were the most efficient ones  we could implement to help get folks up and running.  More on the way!  We’re currently “Triaging” issues as they come in.

The community/gamers who’ve been taking the time to narrow down these issues have been super helpful and are much appreciated. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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