you’ve been chosen

You’ve Been Chosen Impact Trailer

Bioware posted another You’ve Been Chosen trailer which unveils a little more about the forthcoming project which is set to be revealed during Gamescom 14 in the coming week. From what we can gather, there’s an uncontrollable supernatural force at play which seems to impact objects in the real world

You’ve Been Chosen Spark teaser trailer

Bioware released a new teaser trailer for their mysterious game entitled You’ve Been Chosen which looks all set to get some sort of proper reveal during Gamescom 2014 in the coming weeks. The teaser gives little away and simply sets the tone for what could be anything.

Bioware teaser trailer for You’ve Been Chosen

Bioware (developers of games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age) have teased a new project with a nightmare trailer from a game we’ll assume is entitled ‘You’ve Been Chosen’. Take a look and see what you think, although due to the nature of the imagery it’s hard to tell