Youtube 60 Frames Per Second videos

Youtube has recently announced that it will be upping the quality of its videos for playback by incorporating 48 and 60 frames per second. This means gameplay in particular will look smoother and more akin to the source material which at present gets capped at 30 frames per second. The

Xbox One Upload to Youtube Demo

Gamers can now upload their videos direct from the Xbox One Upload Studio to Youtube thanks to the new Youtube App update which went live yesterday. The process is fairly simple, and with a bit of editing in the upload studio itself where you can trim, split and merge videos

Upload videos to Youtube from the Xbox One

Microsoft has just announced that gamers will be able to upload videos to Youtube from the Xbox One using the Youtube App which is available now – the update coming tomorrow. What this means, is via the Upload Studio, clips can be recorded and then shared with ease via the

PS4 share to Youtube confirmation

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether the PS4 share function will allow gamers to upload their videos and screenshots beyond Facebook, well now there’s confirmation that Facebook isn’t the only social media channel that will be available. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on last night’s show during the

Are youtubers being viewed as the new pirates?

With Microsoft last year stating that it will be clamping down on youtubers for posting videos of its first party video games and monetizing them,  and now with Nintendo following suit, the future for gamers posting videos on Youtube of video game based content could be looking rather bleak –

Dishonored video competition begins

Fancy getting your Dishonored video work featured in the next Dishonored trailer, then check out a new Dishonored video competition where submitting your work could also net you an exclusive Sokolov painting from the PAX East party. For the Dishonored video competition gamers are required to send their coolest video