Microsoft purchases Minecraft developer

Microsoft has today announced after much speculation that it has purchased Swedish developer Mojang and their popular open world adventure game Minecraft. The game has seen 100 million downloads since it launched in 2009 and appears on multiple platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. What this means

Incredible Shenmue Minecraft Mod video

Minecraft is an institution and the building blocks for unparalleled creativity which means some really cool stuff is being made by those who have the passion and the time. Gamers have been crying out for a new Shenmue game for years and Yu Suzuki has seemingly hung up his gloves

EA Xbox Live sale now on

Gamers looking to snag some Xbox 360 games and DLC from EA will do well to check the Live Marketplace as the EA sale begins offering some nice savings. Sadly the Xbox One isn’t included, but if you fancy picking up games such as Crysis 3 for $14.79, then now

XCOM Enemy Within video review

Firaxis recently released the expansion for the rather cool XCOM Enemy Unknown which is available now as DLC for PC and a standalone retail disc for consoles. Melding elements from the original game with new additions, is the expansion reason enough to drop £20 and retread familiar ground once more.

Microsoft ditches Microsoft Points (MSP)

Microsoft has today released official details to everyone regarding how it charges for its downloadable content and services via Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The purchase system will  change as Microsoft ditches Microsoft Points MSP in favour of real currency specific to the users region. Take

Halo 4 Champions Bundle details

Microsoft and 343 have released some more info on the forthcoming Halo 4 Champions Bundle which releases on August 20th and will cost 800 MSP. Each pack will also be available separately with the Bullseye Pack costing 480 MSP and the Infinity and Steel Skin packs costing 240 MSP a

Mattrick leaves Microsoft and heads for Zynga

Xbox One front man who you may have seen during E3 most recently, Don Mattrick (Interactive Entertainment Business President) will leave Microsoft and join free to play mobile portal Zynga as CEO. Zynga released an official statement today on this issue welcoming him and his skills, whereas owner Marcus Pincus, Zynga’s