X Rebirth

X-Rebirth – Enter Space trailer

Deep Silver released a new X-Rebirth trailer to whet the appetite for their massive space based role playing game which releases on PC from November 15th. ┬áThe trailer is made entirely from in-game assets, and looks mighty fine to boot.    

X-Rebirth exploration video

Deep Silver released a new video which looks at the long range scanner in the forthcoming space RPG X-Rebirth which is coming to PC. In the right hands, the long range scanner is a very useful tool as demonstrated in the video.

X Rebirth trailer 2

Egosoft posted a new X Rebirth trailer showing off some of the cool space combat from the forthcoming game which releases on November 15th.  The team are keen to stress that the game is much more than great ship battles as players can trade and build as well. Head on