Wayne Julian

Crysis 3 review

The tactical combat machine, Laurence Barns, though more prominently known as Prophet, is whom you will be filling the boots of in Crysis 3. Prophet may be the original Nanosuited super-soldier and has featured throughout the Crysis series, that is up until his demise in Crysis 2. It seems you

Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack review

Halo 4 has had a consistent stream of downloadable content since launch with the free additions to Spartan Ops demanding the spotlight. The focus however is now back on competitive play, as the Majestic Map Pack has recently released; like the Crimson Map Pack that released previously, this too is

The PS4 features or the mere promise?

Sony have finally unveiled the PS4 – wait no, they haven’t quite unveiled their new PlayStation console, it’s still a mystery as to the aesthetics of the box, though we’ve been well and truly filled in on Sony’s vision for what the PlayStation 4 aims to deliver. It’s what the

Dead Space 3 review

Our favourite tech-guy and Necromorph dismember-er, Isaac Clarke, is dragged back into the fray – rather reluctantly – for his third outing in Dead Space 3. From the off-set it’s immediately clear that the horror of Dead Space that long-time fans have grown to know, love and have sleepless nights

Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack video review

We take a look at the recently released Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack which will set players back 800 MSP.  Fans will no doubt have lapped up the maps from the offset, but for anyone else is it 800 points well spent? Check out our video review for the full

Toy Story Mania review

The toys are back out their box for another gaming outing with Toy Story Mania! This however is not a follow-up to the last release, and rather excellent action-platformer Toy Story 3: The Video Game. Toy Story Mania! is a whole other ball game, and has its roots firmly planted

Family Guy Back to the Multiverse review

It was only a matter of time before the Griffin family would grace consoles again. As with those that came before it, whether The Simpson’s classic or the typical movie game tie-in, it all very much falls under the same category and usually leads to mediocrity at best. Does the

Call of Duty Black Ops II review

It’s another year, and yet another Call of Duty. If fatigue were to ever set in on such a series it probably should happen right about… a few years ago.Call of Duty Black Ops II is the eighth release this console generation, with Activision and partners churning out the first-person

WWE’13 review

The latest wrestling game has recently grappled its way onto store shelves, and with the yearly release we can expect some refinements and all-new additions, as WWE ’13 adopts a new – or rather, old direction and it does so with great Attitude. THQ’s long-running SmackDown series, later named SmackDown