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Need For Speed Rivals review

The Need for Speed series has been about for several console generations now, and Need for Speed Rivals is the 20th racer in this long-running series. As well as being available for current-gen platforms it’s also one of many titles to land on the next-gen consoles for launch. 2010’s release

WWE 2K14 review

As we near the end of the year it’s that special time where we’re bombarded with annual releases of long-running series, whether it be the shooters, sports,  or the world of wrestling, and they’re all vying to out-do their previous efforts. The WWE video-games have been through the ringer, with

Saints Row IV review

The original Saints Row may be criticized for launching ahead of GTA IV to capitalize on such anticipation – and it worked, it was a good, enjoyable experience. We’ll leave those comparisons there, as history looks set to repeat itself – only this time – this is a very different

Xbox One Game Sharing feature is still coming

The next-gen console war isn’t just about hardware specs, but the bigger, long-term value proposition that consumers get for their money. GamesCom has been a big week for Microsoft, as they attempted to add a greater value proposition for UK/EU consumers by way of including EA’s FIFA 14 with all

GRID 2 review

Aside from strong first-party console exclusives, Codemasters have otherwise had the racing genre on lock-down for a number of years, from the acclaimed DiRT series to 2008’s iconic Race Driver: GRID. Codemasters are certainly the masters of rally racing and have expanded into more traditional disciplines, all the while being

Kinect 2 games could be mindblowing

The more we think about Kinect 2 being mandatory, it dawns on us how it could benefit us in the long term and aid developers to give us a bit more depth in games. Sure, there’s the fitness games and dance stuff that us couch gamers aren’t into so much,

Halo 4 Castle Map Pack review

The third and final map pack that’s part of the War Games Map Pass for Halo 4 has recently released, each pack has offered up three battlegrounds on which to take the battle online, from small arena focused maps, to more larger arenas. It’s now with the Castle Map Pack

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel review

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is the third in EA’s co-operative emphasized series, though it’s more of a somewhat back to basics approach than an evolution of the series’ core formula. Long time and ageing co-op protagonists Rios and Salem look to have had their day, it’s now time

Gears of War Judgment COG Tags Guide

Take a look at our Gears of War Judgment COG Tags Guide which offers help finding the locations of the COG tags without screens or videos to spoil things for you. Get cracking soldiers. ACT I – Museum of Military Glory 1 – Old Town As you come to the