Wayne Julian

Riptide GP2 Review

Vector Unit are no strangers to water-based racers, having gotten gamers soaked with Hydro Thunder: Hurricane on Xbox 360. Now they attempt to make a bigger splash onto Xbox One with a port of their Mobile turn PC racer, Riptide GP2. The game naturally boasts a slew of visual improvements

Evolve Review

Evolve is the next big game from the studio that brought us the iconic Left4Dead series, perhaps arguably the best zombie and co-op games series to date. Although it shares a few core similarities, Evolve is an otherwise unique breed all of its own. There really is nothing else quite

Funk of Titans Video Review

Funk of Titans released on Xbox One recently and offers some funky side scrolling gameplay. Take a look at our video review which showcases the game in action for those of you not sure whether to drop the £9.99 asking price.

Funk of Titans Review

We take a look at this ID@Xbox game that has funk-ed its way exclusively onto Xbox One – from A Crowd of Monsters – comes Funk of the Titans. The game’s essentially an on-rails platformer with its story combining both (extremely loosely I might add) Greek mythology and musical themes

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Review

United Front’s 2012 sleeper-hit has surprisingly been re-awoken for a new generation début with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. We determine if this re-release is worthy of its ‘Definitive Edition moniker’, with its new graphical bells, whistles and all the previously released DLC in one package. Perhaps more importantly, is there

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 review

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α is available now as an add-on for Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One. Long winded and totally tongue in cheek names aside, the game offers some multiplayer madness complete with funky costumes and more zombies. Is it worth

Watch Dogs Review – Playing it safe

Ubisoft first wooed punters at E3 2012 with what we all presumed to be our first real taste of  next-generation gaming. The dust has since settled on our shiny new consoles and our fingerprints have long sunken into the glossy exteriors.  After a lengthy delay Watch Dogs has hacked its

Peggle 2 video review

We take a look at Electronic Arts/PopCap’s addictive puzzler casual game, Peggle 2 on Xbox One. Is this exclusive game for the Xbox One worth forking out for? Take a look at our Peggle 2 video review for the full picture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mz2Zl7-Cp0 Peggle 2 Review: Development studio PopCap are renowned

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare video review

We take a look at PopCap Games’ recently released Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and determine whether the Xbox One/Xbox 360 game is worthy of your time and energy. Take a look at our Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare video review for the full picture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuGvRJ_p5XU Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare review