Black Ops 4 Solo Player Review

Treyarch released its latest Call of Duty Game with the aptly named Black Ops 4 on consoles and PC. Right out of the gate Black Ops 4 does not feature any single-player campaign. Treyarch made no secret of this fact during the game’s development which possibly split opinion for some

Black Ops 4 Specialists Backstory Scenes

Taking a cue from the Rainbow Six Siege operator videos, Black Ops 4 offers backstories for its 10 specialist characters. The specialists HQ tab provides a tutorial for the main multiplayer. It’s here solo players receive a hands on explanation of the character skills. Take a look at our Black

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Cybercore Videos

Activision/Treyarch released a number of videos which take a closer look at some of the hi-tech Cybercore features players will be able to utilize in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III single player campaign which goes live from November 6th when the game launches on consoles and PC.