Thief launch trailer

Square Enix/Eidos Interactive released the official launch trailer for their forthcoming Thief which releases on March 25th in North America and the 28th in Europe. The game which releases on last gen and current gen systems alongside PC is looking good for fans of the series and those who like

Thief 101 trailer

Square Enix released a new Thief 101 trailer which takes a look at the features of the forthcoming stealth action game from Eidos Interactive.  Thief releases on PC,  last and current gen systems on the 28th of Feb.

Thief new screenshots

With the game releasing on the 28th of Feb, Square Enix released some new screenshots from their sneaky stealth game Thief which is heading to last and next gen systems as well as PC. Be sure to check out some gameplay with commentary as well.

Xbox One games 2014 round-up

Microsoft released a list of the Xbox One games 2014 which should hopefully appease gamers hungry for new content after the initial rush of launch titles become old hat. There’s plenty to look forwards to and hopefully something for all tastes. Take a look at the list and see if