The Nothing

The Nothing Kickstarter Campaign Begins

The Nothing game is a cyberpunk themed action role playing affair which is looking pretty decent so far. The developers are looking for funding via Kickstarter and launched their campaign to net around £461,000. The game shows much promise and hopefully will see plenty of backers aid them to reach

THE NOTHING Gameplay Video – Cyberpunk RPG

The Nothing is a game in development by a small team which aims to begin its Kickstarter campaign this month (September 30th). It’s a cyberpunk themed action role playing game made in Unreal Engine and looks pretty cool so far. Today, Play Nothing have released a new THE NOTHING gameplay

New Cyberpunk Games to Look Out For

There are quite a number of cyberpunk themed games spanning many years on consoles and PC within enough genres to cater towards a variety of tastes. Whilst it’s good to look back at some of the classics and perhaps boot them up again for nostalgia’s sake like we suggested in