The Mandate

The Mandate developer video rolls in

Perihelion Interactive has released a new The Mandate video to showcase more of the space action adventure and its Battle Orchestra mode of play. The Mandate offers a six-player, cooperative, sandbox sci-fi RPG which should be heaps of fun for lone and multiple players. For more information, head on over to

The Mandate gameplay trailer

Perihelion Interactive released a new The Mandate gameplay trailer for The Mandate, which highlights deep space encounters that culminates in a cruiser being attacked by Heavy Assault Units and Tactical Hackers. Recently, Perihelion announced that they had reached their Kickstarter target which means the game is all go for release on

The Mandate reaches its $500K target

Perihelion Interactive’s Kickstarter campaign has been a success as the project has raised over $500,000 for its co-op based space RPG, The Mandate. With more pledges coming in and days left of the campaign still, there’s hope the added funds will be used to include more features in the core

The Mandate – The Captain We Need trailer

Perihelion Interactive released a new story themed trailer which looks at the speech given by Lord High Admiral Suvarov (voiced by David Bradley) to rabble of criminals and disgraced officers who have been called to fight for the Empress of The Mandate.  The game is currently doing very well as it

The Mandate coming to Steam, first screens

Perihelion Interactive has today confirmed that its forthcoming Tsarist space opera RPG  entitled, The Mandate is coming to Steam after being greenlit by the community. Some new screens have been released to mark the occasion and what’s more, details are forthcoming regarding the game’s pricing. Be sure to visit The

The Mandate Developer log 1 video

Perihelion Interactive has released a The Mandate developer log where the Art Director talks about the unique aspects of the sci-fi role playing game. Perihelion also announced that players can now create their own character’s using their proof-of-concept system. For more details and a place to pledge your support, take a