The Crew

Get The Crew for Free with UbiSoft Club

If you’re signed up with Ubisoft Club which celebrates 30 years of Ubisoft, you can now snag their open world racing game, The Crew for free for this month (September) on PC. Previously they offered the original Splinter Cell, Rayman Origins and Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. It’s

The Crew 30 minutes gameplay video

Ubisoft’s The Crew releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC tomorrow and offers the entire United States map as a playground for solo or co-op gameplay. The game has recently enjoyed an open Beta where gamers were able to try out the game and aid its progression through to retail.

The Crew PC Performance Video first 10 minutes

Ubisoft’s The Crew finally hits retail tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4 and PC after enjoying several Beta tests. With the full retail game in our hands we posted a The Crew PC performance video which showcases the opening 10 minutes and highlights how the game performs using the Ultra Settings