Blasphemous – Reveal Trailer

Team17’s Side-scrolling action adventure game Blasphemous comes to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Prepare for a descent into a dark and punishing Metroidvania world where fast-paced, skilled combat combines with a deep and evocative narrative core. You will play as The Penitent One, a sole survivor of

Automachef – Partnership Announcement Trailer

Team 17 released an Automachef trailer which highlights their new partnership with developer Hermes Interactive. The game releases later this year on PC and Switch. In Automachef players are tasked with creating a series of fully-automated kitchens that can produce a variety of dishes, each is a puzzle where you

My Time At Portia – PC Launch Trailer

Team 17 writes: My Time At Portia is available now for PC on Steam and the Epic Games store! Take on the role of a novice builder with your very own workshop in the town of Portia and help rebuild what was lost. As well as crafting and building, you

Genesis Alpha One Release Date Trailer

Team17 announced the Genesis Alpha One release date , an upcoming space sim survival game. Save the date, Genesis Alpha One, will launch on January 29th 2019 via the Epic Games store for PC and simultaneously on the PlayStation and Microsoft stores on January 29th.