Tales of Berseria

Tales Of Berseria Review

Bandai Namco Games released the latest game in the “Tales” series with the arrival of Tales of Berseria. The game sees a new heroine Velvet Crowe take the lead in what can only be described as a revenge filled journey against daemons and those who hunt them. Having been turned

Tales Of Berseria Gameplay Opening 90 Minutes

Bandai Namco Entertainment releases the rather edgy Tales Of Berseria tomorrow on PC and PS4 (27th in Europe) and to mark the occasion take a look at some 90 minutes of opening gameplay from the PC version. There’s a demo available to try out also but this isn’t set at

Bandai Namco Games for 2016 Overload

Publisher Bandai Namco Games has today released a selection of videos and information pertaining to their upcoming games for 2016. You can check out the full press release below alongside the relevant trailers. One Piece: Burning Blood heading to PC in June 2016. – (Marineford Edition Revealed). PC fans get