Spike Chunsoft

Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE Teaser Trailer

A new title announced from Spike Chunsoft and TooKyo Games, titled – Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE. The game is said to be “a new dark fantasy mystery game, is being co-developed with Tookyo Games, the creative team behind the hit Danganronpa series”. Take a look a the teaser trailer. Platforms

AI The Somnium Files Gameplay Opening

Spike Chunsoft enter the realms of the unbelievable and insane with their latest release AI The Somnium Files. A detective game with a difference. Take one look at the opening 30 minutes and you’ll instantly see a game that is far from the norm. Delving deeper into the investigation reveals

J Stars Victory VS+ Review – English Version

Bandai Namco Games releases its arena based fighting game J Stars Victory VS+ on the PS4 this week which for the first time has been partially localized which means gamers can understand what’s happening outside of all the fighting. There’s lots of characters to chose from across an assortment of