Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer

505 Games released a new launch trailer for their just released Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition which arrives on Xbox One, PS4,PS3 and Xbox 360 at retail. The game features a whole host of content in one neat package which includes, nine DLC packs and 18 additional weapons. Gamers can

Sniper Elite 3 review – Ground Heroes

505 Games’ latest WWII inspired shooter Sniper Elite 3 is available now on consoles and PC, but is this third outing for the series worth checking out, and has it nailed a winning formula this time. Take  a look at our Sniper Elite 3 review for the full picture. Sniper

Sniper Elite 3 tops UK Software Sales Chart

Taking the crown in the UK software sales chart from EA’s Sports UFC is Rebellion/505 Games’ Sniper Elite 3 which launched across generations on consoles and on PC. Watch Dogs comfortably stays at number 2, and other new entries include GRID Autosport at number 7 and Transformers Rise of the

Sniper Elite III launch trailer

505 Games/Rebellion released a launch trailer for their WWII inspired Sniper Elite III which takes the campaign to the African region. With improved ballistics and an added co-op multiplayer, this third outing should prove to be the best yet. The game releases on consoles and PC on July 1st in

Sniper Elite V2 free on Steam

PC gamers who are quick can now grab Sniper Elite V2 on Steam free of charge for one day only.  The offer ends today at 10 AM PST or 6 pm this evening if you’re based in the UK. The deal means the game is yours to keep forever and

Sniper Elite 3 101 Gameplay trailer

Rebellion and 505 Games released a new Sniper Elite 3 trailer which showcases the stealth and action features of the forthcoming game which is heading to consoles and PC. For more information about the game, head on over to the official website.  

Sniper Elite 3 developer Q&A video

Today 505 Games and developer Rebellion released a behind the scenes video for their upcoming Sniper Elite 3 which features a developer Q&A. The video highlights some of the changes made to the game since the previous game, where the environment has an impact on the gameplay.  

Sniper Elite 3 trailer

505 Games released a new Sniper Elite 3 trailer to whet the appetite for the game which will release in 2014 on PC and next gen consoles.  The game is set three years before the previous game and basks in its WWII setting using Rebellion’s Asura game engine. For more information

505 Games announces Sniper Elite 3 with new trailer

505 Games has just announced that it will be bringing its WWII inspired Sniper Elite series into next gen gaming with the arrival of Sniper Elite 3 which sees American OSS Agent, Karl Fairburne, in action behind enemy lines in North Africa during World War Two; providing crucial sharpshooter support