Tales of Xillia new screenshots

Namco Bandai released some Tales of Xillia new screenshots which show off more of the characters and locations from the forthcoming game on PS3. This is the entire gallery released thus far giving a wide look at the game. [nggallery id=14]

Pool Nation screenshots

Cherry Pop Games’ Pool Nation just hit the Xbox Live Arcade and is yours for 800 MSP. There’s a trial version to check out but also some Pool Nation screenshots to feast your eyes on. [nggallery id=8]  

Painkiller Hell & Damnation launch screens

Nordic Games released some Painkiller Hell & Damnation launch screens to remind PC gamers that the action packed no nonsense first person shooter is available now via Steam. Painkiller Hell & Damnation offers a fine old school shooting experience, that was fresh in 2004 and is still kicking it today

F1 Race Stars new screenshots

Codemasters released a handful of screenshots from its forthcoming arcade style F1 Race Stars game which releases this November on PS3 and Xbox 360. F1 RACE STARS will deliver formula fun on every straight, hairpin, jump and loop-the-loop with super-fast racing and a range of power-ups for players to collect

Planetside 2 Amerish trailer and screens

Sony released some new images and an Amerish trailer ahead of the game’s November 20th release. The trailer shows off some rugged and pleasant scenery as well as some intense combat. You can also sign up for the PlanetSide 2 Beta now at!

Defiance screenshots

Trion Worlds released some fresh screens from their forthcoming Defiance which is coming to PC platforms as an MMO and is planned for consoles as well. Check out some new screenshots and game info. In Defiance players and viewers are introduced to a world where humans and aliens live together