Saints Row

Saints Row – The Districts of Santo Ileso

Developer Volition presents a look a the districts that will feature in the upcoming Saints Row game which releases early in 2022. Bright lights, big city – we have the biggest and best Saints Row city yet, and it’s packed with things to do. Santo Ileso has a crime problem,

SAINTS ROW Welcome to Santo Ileso Trailer

Volition posted a new Saints Row (reboot) trailer which takes a closer look at Santo ILeso. Somehow though, this trailer hasn’t gone down well with the Youtube audience if you read the comments and see its negative downvoting. It’s obvious gamers want a return the series roots but won’t find

Saints Row review

Saints Row was originally planned for a launch title back in November last year, yet due to whatever reasons was inevitably delayed. Since then there has been a whole lot of talk surrounding the game especially as many could easily describe it as clone of the genre defining ultra successful