Ryse Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome Vengeance Trailer

Crytek released a new trailer for the PC version of the once Xbox One exclusive launch game, Ryse: Son of Rome. The game was already looking great on Xbox One, but with the added power of the PC the game should be a sight to behold. The game releases on

Ryse Son of Rome coming to PC

Deep Silver has today announced that it will be publishing Crytek’s once Xbox One exclusive Roman themed combat game Ryse Son of Rome with all the released DLC and 4K resolution support this Autumn on PC making it the second Xbox One game to go PC (following in the footsteps

Top 6 Next Gen Graphically Impressive Games

Today we’re taking a look at the top next gen graphically impressive games and their graphics effects we’ve seen on the now current gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.  Obviously we’re seeing higher resolutions all round, but there’s a greater emphasis on things like character model detail, lighting, physics and other effects

Microsoft’s 19p oddity for Ryse Son of Rome DLC

Microsoft released a new trailer for the  Ryse Son of Rome Mars Chosen Pack which includes the all new Survival multiplayer mode alongside five new multiplayer maps, and a brand new Gladiator Skin. The pack is available right now and will set you back £7.19 which is a rather unusual price

Incredible Ryse Son of Rome 162 hit combo video

Ryse Son of Rome has been described by some to be about as interesting as pushing buttons on a telephone, but that still doesn’t detract from the gratuitous scenes of violence and sense of power when unleashing the game’s executions on the ragged barbarian thugs that come at you from

Ryse Son of Rome launch trailer

With days left until the game releases on Xbox One, Microsoft has released an all new Ryse Son of Rome launch trailer which showcases the game’s action and drama. Take a look at the video and be prepared for the floodgates to open this Friday when gamers can judge for

Ryse Son of Rome flythrough videos

Microsoft has released the full set of Ryse Son of Rome developer flythrough videos showing off the haunted swamps, York and Rome environments. Ryse Son of Rome launches exclusively on Xbox One next week and looks set to be a fantastic launch game for action gamers.