Risen 3

Risen 3 Gameplay first 60 minutes video

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes release their action role playing game Risen 3 on August 15th 2014 on Xbox 360, PS3 ,PC, and to give a taster of what to expect, we’ve published the opening hour of the game for your viewing pleasure. There’s lots of drama, pirates and a

Risen 3 – Back to The Roots Feature video

Deep Silver released a new Risen 3 video which takes a close look at the game’s features which takes the best elements from the Gothic/Risen series and creates the wonderfully rich and detailed world with a new character and story. The game releases on August 15th on PC, Xbox 360

Risen 3 – Back to The Roots Trailer

German developers Piranha Bytes has released a new Risen 3 trailer which looks at the game going back to its roots whilst taking all the things that were great about the Gothic and previous games to make Risen 3 the best yet. Take a look at the trailer and then