Resident Evil 0

Resident Evil 0 T-Shirt Competition Winners Announced

If you’ve been paying attention to Capcom’s Resident Evil 0 official website you’ll be well aware of an ongoing T-Shirt Competition where users submitted designs across various stages. Three winners were chosen by user voting with the final three being revealed today. The T-shirt designs will be available as free

Resident Evil 0 Wesker Mode Video

Capcom just announced a new Resident Evil Origins Collection which will release next year (Jan 22nd) on consoles and PC and will include the forthcoming Resident Evil 0 alongside the Resident Evil Remaster. They also announced a new Wesker gameplay mode for Resident Evil 0 which will allow players the

Resident Evil 0 Announcement Trailer

Capcom has just released an official announcement trailer for their forthcoming Resident Evil 0 which is coming to consoles and PC in early 2016 following on from the success of the Resident Evil HD Remaster which was one of their most successful digital releases. The 2002 game is remade here