Remember Me

Remember Me now Free on PS3

Capcom’s rather cool futuristic action adventure game Remember Me is now free to play for Playstation Plus subscribers alongside Metal Gear Solid Revengeance, The Dark Souls II Beta and much more. Capcom have done the honours by releasing a trailer for the cause.

Did reviews kill Remember Me?

Remember Me from Capcom launched last week and entered the UK charts at number 3. One week later and the game has slipped massively to number 20. The question is raised whether some less than favorable review scores affect the initial interest in the game.  IGN one of the largest

Remember Me Xbox vs PC comparison video

We take a look at the wonderfully rich world of Neo Paris in Capcom’s Remember Me which released last week. This time we’re showing off one small section in this Remember Me Xbox vs PC comparison video with the Xbox 360 version and PC running alternatively to provide a greater

PS4 and Xbox One graphics? – Remember Me

We’ve already proclaimed in another article how we think Capcom’s futuristic action adventure game Remember Me is one of the best looking games we’ve seen this year, and so we’re putting it on the line and suggesting that the level of excellence seen in the highest settings on the PC

Remember Me ending sequence

In case you’re wanting to relive the last moments of the game all over again, or just looking to see what happens in the end, then take a look at this Remember Me ending sequence video which obviously contains spoilers and is optional to watch. The ending uses CGI rather

Remember Me puzzle solutions

Remember Me isn’t the most taxing game when it comes to puzzles, but some might leave you scratching your head for a while. Take a look at these Remember Me puzzle solutions videos so you don’t have to get frustrated if you just can’t figure them out!