Remedy Entertainment

Quantum Break Live Action Villains trailer

Rememdy’s Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive action thriller Quantum Break makes its mark next week (April 5th) and to whet the appetite a live action villains trailer has been presented which shows off the game’s star studded cast – hero Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore – “X-Men: Days of Future

Quantum Break Announcements Video

In this latest Microsoft Xbox video, the Major (Larry Hryb) talks with Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft about the upcoming Quantum Break video game which releases on April 5th on Xbox One. The video looks at the console bundle and the Windows 10 version where save files from either version will

Quantum Break Gameplay Demo & Trailer

Team Xbox showcased some more Quantum Break gameplay footage from the Remedy developed game as well as a new trailer to set the mood. The game’s shaping up to be pretty awesome with its time bending feature but won’t be releasing until 2016.