Sniper Elite 3 101 Gameplay trailer

Rebellion and 505 Games released a new Sniper Elite 3 trailer which showcases the stealth and action features of the forthcoming game which is heading to consoles and PC. For more information about the game, head on over to the official website.  

Sniper Elite 3 developer Q&A video

Today 505 Games and developer Rebellion released a behind the scenes video for their upcoming Sniper Elite 3 which features a developer Q&A. The video highlights some of the changes made to the game since the previous game, where the environment has an impact on the gameplay.  

Sniper Elite 3 trailer

505 Games released a new Sniper Elite 3 trailer to whet the appetite for the game which will release in 2014 on PC and next gen consoles.  The game is set three years before the previous game and basks in its WWII setting using Rebellion’s Asura game engine. For more information