Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Know Your Units Video

Rainbow Six Siege offers a selection of characters to choose from when playing attack and defend with each coming with their own set of tools to do the job. Selection can happen rather quickly and if there’s a preferred loadout that’s already been chosen you’ll have to make do with

Rainbow Six Siege Accolades trailer

Ubisoft has just released a new Rainbow Six Siege Accolades trailer which shows off the numerous responses from the gaming media to the game at this year’s E3. What’s more, tomorrow at 7pm BST (that’s UK time) the development team will be showcasing the demo via Twitch as well as

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay videos

Gametrailers posted up some fresh and exciting new gameplay footage from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege which showcases the game is running every bit as smoothly as the target render trailer suggested. ¬†There’s three videos to look at, where one shows off the ¬†hijacking defenders and the other two the attacking