Raging Justice

Streets of Rage 4 vs The Takeover Vs Raging Justice

Three not so different games in terms of gameplay, however visually they exhibit their own style. The video showcases gameplay from each game back-to-back. From a visual standpoint we prefer the looks of The Takeover, however we suspect many will favour the hand-draw visuals of Streets of Rage 4. To

Raging Justice Gameplay Video

Here’s a look at the upcoming Raging Justice side scrolling beat-em-up from developers MakinGames which releases on May 8th 2018 on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch. If you like nail biting action, and larger than life characters alongside an 80s theme then this should be right up your alley.

Raging Justice – Announcement Trailer

Raging Justice from MakinGames/Team 17 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch and looks like capturing the old school side scrolling beat-em-up flavour with aplomb. Take a look at the announcement trailer to get a feel for the two main heroes Rick Justice and Nikki Rage. Key Features: