Playstation Now UK video

Sony released a video highlighting its Playstation Now which is coming to the UK and rest of Europe any time now for around £10 per month. The subscription service allows for streaming content providing access to a whole slew of PS3 titles for your console. You can get the app

Sixty Second Shooter Review – Asteroids on Crack

Happion Laboratories’ arcade shooter Sixty Second Shooter is available now as part of the ID@Xbox self publishing program. Offering asteroid like gameplay, is the game worthy of your time and money. Take a look at our Sixty Second Shooter review for the full picture. Sixty Second Shooter Review: Today we

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – E3 2014 Trailer

Coming exclusively to PC, Wii U and Playstation consoles is Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty which is a fully remastered version of the original Oddworld game Abe’s Oddysee but this time being rendered fully in 3D and with additional music and sound effects. Check out the trailer and be sure to

Dragon’s Crown Gameplay Trailer

Atlus released a new gameplay trailer for their PS3 PSvita exclusive Dragon’s Crown which is a 2D role playing game due out later this year in the summer. Dragon’s Crown is also the game which features the overly buxom sorceress and muscular amazonian characters. Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer hack

Zombie Tycoon 2 trailer

PC, Vita and PS3 gamers will be pleased to learn that the RTS game Zombie Tycoon 2 is on its way and to get you into the spirit, Frima Studios released a trailer. The future of the zombie race is at stake as rogue apprentice Orville Tycoon and his