Project Morpheus

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Summer Lesson – VR Tech Demo – E3 2015

Bandai Namco Games released a new trailer for its Unreal Engine powered Morpheus enabled virtual reality game Summer Lesson. Whilst there’s few details at present, attendees at E3 will be able to sample the tech demo first hand. What’s interesting is how the game looks compared to the original reveal

Project Morpheus Official Specs & Trailer

Sony released the official specs for its latest iteration of its Project Morpheus PS4 VR Head Mounted Display device which aims to ship in the first six months of 2016. They also released a new trailer to showcasing the device at its features. To recap: Component: Processor Unit, VR Headset

Sony reveals Project Morpheus VR headset for PS4

As speculated, Sony has revealed its very own head mounted virtual reality headset entitled Project Morpheus at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco which runs this week. The headset which is three years in the making is said to be affordable and will be available for use with the