Playstation Now

Playstation NOW Open Beta Starts Today in UK

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Limited has today announced that its PlayStation Now Beta has begun in the UK which means gamers can rent and stream games via their PS3, PS4 games consoles or via select Sony smart TV sets and Blu-ray Players. Whilst most games come with a rental premium

Playstation Now UK video

Sony released a video highlighting its Playstation Now which is coming to the UK and rest of Europe any time now for around £10 per month. The subscription service allows for streaming content providing access to a whole slew of PS3 titles for your console. You can get the app

Playstation Now complete FAQs

Sony released a new comprehensive FAQs for its forthcoming Playstation Now which enables steaming of video games.   Is the open beta service a commercial launch? What exactly is the open beta service? Yes. By expanding access to all PS4 and PS3 users in the Mainland US and most of

Sony Announces Playstation Now streaming service

We’ve had Onlive, and now Sony enters the game streaming market with its newly announced Playstation Now for TVs, consoles, tablets and phones.  Sony has revealed that the service is up and running now, showcasing The Last of Us running on the PSVita for example. The full public service will roll